Bad Girls 2 : Stripsearch

Starring: Lene Hefner, Debi Diamond, Kaitlyn Ashley, Isis Nile, and Bionca. Plus Marc Wallice, Jon Dough, Shawn Ricks, and Tom Byron.

Lene is back in prison and she has to be the queen bee. Bionca is the warden. And she doesn't like queen bees. This is one horny chain-gang-bang! It's a no-holes-barred maximum security sex riot! With very physical confrontations between Lene & cute Debi Diamond and Kaitlyn. And a hot food fight that brings in Isis Nile. It's anal, It's rough, It's ready. Go straight to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Bad Girls 2 is here. Directed by Toni English.

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