Extreme Sex 2 : The Dungeon

Starring: Norma Jeane, Debi Diamond, Sara Jane Hamilton, Lady Berlin, Bionca, Jon Dough, Sean Michaels, Marc Wallice, Nick East, Alex Sanders, and Tom Byron. Directed by Toni English.

Norma Jeane purchases a house with realtor Sean Michaels. Like all good realtors, he shaves her legs, and balls her in the bathroom. Escrow closes, and like with most houses, a hidden dungeon is discovered. Where Norma has sex with Bionca, spanks Tom Byron, fondles nurse Sara Jane and gets teased by policewoman Lady Berlin. Partygoer Debi does a DP, pirates Nick and Marc do hot oil with a vestal virgin, amidst foot worship, latex love, lite swats and food fucking. Realty ? Perhaps. Reality ? Only if you're.

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