Starring: Asia Carrera, Dyanna Lauren, Leena, Kaitlyn Ashley, and a cast of real Western stars. Directed by Philip Christian.

Last year, Philip Christian rocked adult film with his ground-breaking "Immortal Desire." Shame breaks all the rules all over again. Shame. It's where White meets Red. Good meets evil. Where two world's collide. And where your world is changed forever.. It's been five long years since Katherine lost her fiance Major Paul Banks to a menacing Indian tribe led by an evil man with one eye. Katherine, played by the smoldering Leena, in her final and most intensely adult role, is adopted by yet another Indian tribe -- a peaceful tribe. Once again, the man with one eye attacks, plundering her town, and stealing her dignity yet a second time. Poor Katherine is dubbed "Shame", and the name will not be removed until her wicked nemesis is destroyed. Adult's most provocative director, turns his fascinating cameras West, in Vivid Film's second feature presentation, Shame.

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