The Comix

Starring: Janine, Madelyn Knight, Jill Kelly, Krista Maze, Bridgette, and Missy. Featuring Ian Daniels, Steven St. Croix, Vince Voyeur and Nick Night. Directed by Austin Ellison.

Wierd Jim Warren is an egomaniac of the highest order...and the highest order of egomaniac is also known as "cartoonist." But when Jim's most popular character appears in the flesh in the person of blonde bombshell Janine, Jim gets his just due. In spades. Join the acclaimed director in his animated look at animation and the beauties that bring then to life. Starring Janine and Jill Kelly, and introdcing the sultry new beauty, Madelyn Knight. You'll find it all in The Comix. The Movie that put the strip back in the funny's!

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