Broad Strokes

Starring: Chloe Jones, Chloe, Alexandra Quinn, Farrah, Evan Stone, Ian Daniels, Kyle Stone, Mark Davis

Sex as art? Allow us to illustrate. Expose yourself to art. Broadstrokes is a tale about Wally, a struggling journalist who rents an apartment from a bawdy sex illustrator named Rachel. But the deal is, during the week she gets to use the apartment as a studio for her art. The studio is locked; models are in and out all week. Wally's girlfriend Paula is suspicious and busts in on one of Rachel's "private sessions," where she's mistaken for a late arriving model and quickly ball-gagged and bondage-tied. Will Wally be shocked... or intrigued? Will his girlfriend be able to restrain herself? Find out what unravels one stroke at a time.

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